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Why exactllyERP Software in India

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Meets All Your Core Business Needs

Helps you drive your business in your own way. You stay in control with fast access to accurate information. You respond quickly to customer demands and market changes, the most efficient way possible.

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Solution within your Budget

exactlly ERP Software in India specializes and caters to business requirements of small and medium scale enterprises (SME). Consequently, low cost of ownership and maintenance is the defining element of our product. The modules, routines and reports are customized to meet your precise business requirements. Quality is our hallmark and we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

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Drives Value for your Business

ERP software in India Increase your ROI by boosting productivity and control on expenses. Gain the Flexibility, Scale your business without significant increasein investment and Payroll.

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Client Server Architecture

Designed for Client Server technology, Bulid on Robust RDBMS MS SQL. Access and work seamlessly from Anypart of the globe. No third partyAccess software required.

Multi reporting

Multi Dimensional Reporting

Reports and analyse based on an unlimited criteria create reports, analyze sales by region, by department, by date or by any criteria that you set up, within Exactlly or via Export to Microsoft Excel Feature.

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Built-in controls

exactlly ERP software in Mumbai allows configuration of appropriate validation and controls to minimize costs and optimize productivity. For example, expense limitations, customized approval workflows, audit tracking on transactions.

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exactllyERP Software in India-A Complete Solution for your Business

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  • I was pleased to find Exactlly as an ERP software in India solution that offers excellent value, as well as the specific functionality that our business requires. EXACTLLY and our team at BRG did a fantastic job of working together to complete this project.

    P.M. Parakh

    CFO, BRG Steel.

  • Thanks to Exactlly Team’s thorough understanding of the Steel industry and their deep knowledge of Business Process, we’ve been able to get an extraordinary amount of information from our ERP system Exactlly, in the precise format that we want. I want to personally communicate my very high regard and respect for the quality of the support that EXACTLLY Team provided for this project. They have all been extremely competent, very hard working and an absolute pleasure to work with.

    D.Y. Bhute

    IT Manager (ERP), BRG Steel.

  • We needed a solution that would merge all departments from Finance to Manufacturing and which would integrate with Inventory, Sales, Purchase, and Warehouse etc. The key was availability of information at the right time and the right place and with exactllyERP solution in place; we are happy and believe all future requirements will be met with exactllyERP. I would not hesitate to recommend exactllyERP to any clients, as I know they will receive a world-class service.

    Rakesh Agarwal

    Managing Director, R. S. Ispat.

  • We were looking for an application that would be efficient and easily accessible, customisable for all our departnment and which meets our business requirement and processes. exactllyERP was proposed to us as a customised ERP deliver on quality and time lines. We were very pleased with the multiple features the ERP offers and Exactlly team made a difference in rapidly understanding our needs, identifying our business requirements and developing them in quick time. Their business understanding helped us streamline our processes and efficiently achieved our objectives. The team was dynamic and always ready to help. I would recommend exactllyERP for their expertise and adaptability!

    Simson Devassy

    Manager Corporate Accounts, PHI Seeds Ltd

  • We chose Exactlly over several other ERP software in India systems for its flexibility, scalability, and wide breadth of functionality. We liked the roadmap presented to us by Exactlly Team as well as their support devoted to providing industry specific solutions. The team at Exactlly showed deep industry knowledge and was always willing to back up their promises with detailed demonstrations, creating confidence and enthusiasm in our users. The familiar User Interface elements in the system, integration across the Microsoft platform, and SQL and .NET on the back end satisfied our technical staff and fit our skill sets. We believe that Exactlly will be a cost effective platform to further streamline our business and support future growth.

    Dilip Agarwal

    Vice President, Bramhaputra Metalics Limited.

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