Why exactllyERP?

"Cost Cutting, Diversification, Optimization, Competitive Advantage, Technology, Profit."

Meets All Your Core Business Needs

Helps you drive your business in your own way. You stay in control with fast access to accurate information. You respond quickly to customer demands and market changes, the most efficient way possible.

Simple to Learn and Use

Simplicity is at the core. Easy to Learn and Use Even a non account person can easily run. Easy to Deploy and manage.

Drives Value for your Business

Increase your ROI by boosting productivity and control on expenses. Gain the Flexibility, Scale your business without significant increase in investment and Payroll.

Client Server Architecture

Designed for Client Server technology,Bulid on Robust RDBMS MS SQL. Access and work seamlessly from Anypart of the globe. No third party Access software required.

Unlimited Security

Assign User specific rights. Control module, reports, modify or email options. Restrict a user to a particular location or customers.

Audit Trail

Track Users Activity, Track every modification or deletion done. Covers all Masters and Entries

Multi Dimensional Reporting

Reports and analyse based on an unlimited criteria create reports, analyze sales by region, by department, by date or by any criteria that you set up, within Exactlly or via Export to Microsoft Excel Feature.

Analyse your business

'2500+ predefined reports, turn your data into business critical information quickly and simply. Drill down to transaction from any report. Export to Excel, PDF, XML or other formats. Email reports directly.

Customise Reports and Documents

Design your own reports, Save them. Modify existing reports. Design the Invoice exactly the way you want. Put the company logo. All in-built and integrated.

Maintain Work Life Balance

Import, Copy n Paste from Excel. Saves Up to 95% data entry time. Eliminate errors. Allows Account personal to complete work in time Improves efficiency and productivity.

Go Live in 20 Days

We install, implement, train to go live in 20 days. Hasslefree switchover and implementation. Migrate from old system smoothly.

Auto Back Up Scheduler

Setup Scheduler for Auto Backup. Define different schedule for Complete Backup and Incremental Backup. Upload, Email Backup Facility.

Bird Eye View

The Dynamic Dashboard. Bird eye view of your Business Operation. Create your Individual Dashboard. Set graphs and Chart. Drill down to Transactions. Set Alters and Schedules. Get 360 view of your business.

Reduce purchasing costs

Use reverse auctions to find the vendor with the most attractive offer on given items or services. You enter details regarding the desired item, quantity and delivery time. Your vendors then bid on the item, and you can convert the most favorable quote to an order at the click of a button.

Work Flow Integration

Server in USA, Enter transactions in India. Finance Manager checks in Dubai. CFO approves from Singapore. Complete workflow with Online approvals and rejections.

Post Implementation Support

exactllyERP technical support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either by telephone or electronically. Our Helpdesk Support executives are also equipped to log into your computer remotely to give instant online support irrespective of the location you are.

Seeing is Believing