What is GST?

The Goods & Service Tax (GST) is one of the biggest positive tax reforms to hit India, paving the way for a more robust economy. GST, with its numerous alterations, has evolved the tax landscape into a single unified system with the motto - One India, One Tax.

It seeks to simplify the existing complex taxation system and eliminate the barriers to trade across state boundaries. The great taxation reform-GST is going to make a single unified tax instead of several states, and central levied taxes like the value-added tax (VAT), purchase tax, sales tax, entertainment tax, service tax, etc. This new taxation will have its own implications for respective industries.

Make your Organization GST Ready with exactllyERP

As per the current changes proposed by the GST, we have upgraded our ERP software into a GST Enabled ERP Software. Our new ERP with GST will be ideal for GST Accounting for the following industries: Cement Industry, Iron & Steel Industry, Textile Industry, Construction Industry, Chemical Industry, Logistics Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Seeds Industry and Retail Industry. The GST ERP also works great for Schools and Book Stores.

ERP Software with
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ExactllyERP is now an Authorized GST Application Service Provider (ASP)

With the GST on the radar, instead of undergoing time consuming filing of summarized returns, all you need to do now is submit the details of all your sales and purchase invoices once every month.

To execute the GST filing process, a new entity is introduced by the Government of India, known as GST Suvidha Providers (GSP). The government controls these GSP's, and they operate as per the MoU agreed upon. The taxpayers can easily file their GST returns through GSP.

Along this simplified road, ASP stands for Application Service Provider which enables taxpayers file GST returns through their ERP software. Through GSP and ASP, taxpayers will be able to calculate and file their returns online.

exactllyERP has been upgraded and recognized to become an ASP for GST, to provide organizations and consultants an end-to-end solution to manage purchase, sale and GST filing over and above of regular module and feature of exactllyERP.

Premium Features of exactllyERP as a GST ASP

  • Process Control

    exactllyERP ASP will assume the holistic responsibility to calculate the actual GST returns based on the sale and purchase entries made in the ERP software.

  • Audit

    exactllyERP ASP will calculate the returns as per your sale and purchase data and audit the same before filing GST returns. Save your time and effort for other growth processes!

  • DATA Protection and Privacy

    exactllyERP will protect your sensitive sale/purchase data and use it for calculating, and filing the GST Returns. No more tedious calculations!

  • DATA Archiving

    exactllyERP will archive and store all your data for multiple years. Have all your information, at one place - organized efficiently!

End-to-End GST ERP Software Solution with Simplified Return Filing

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