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Stay on top with an all-in-one project management solution.This Project dashboard can be seen by assigned staff, clients and contractors and includes tasks, time, messages, files, quotes, invoices and more.

Key Features

  • One page project dashboard
  • Flexible, easy task control
  • Easy task and time management
  • File sharing
  • Project Timelines
  • Centralised messaging & collaboration
  • Access control through permissions & settings
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Client access and request ability
  • Intuitive editing options

Tasks can be created for external clients, contractors and also for internal organisation purposes that are not relevant to any project. Use the Tasks Page for a variety of different views such as upcoming, client, customizable categories and dates.

Key Features

  • Tasks accessible through the app and addons
  • Sortable and searchable Tasks page
  • Track time on tasks Invoice
  • Upload files to tasks
  • Collaborate using messaging on tasks
  • Overdue alerts and notifications
  • Assign staff, clients & contractors

Easily manage your staff and workload.Using the central project pages and timeline, project managers can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track oftime tracked and deadlines. The alerts will keep project managers informed of all activity on projects and tasks.

Key Features

  • Assign users to tasks to view who work on what task at a glance Allocate Time to tasks
  • Allocate Time to tasks
  • Time allocated can be split equally to each assigned User and each day Note: eight hours per day is standard for all users
  • Workload calculation is shown below the timeline in the project detail page
  • Time summary (weekly/monthly view) for each Project can be exported to Excel

Staff Workload Schedule Report

  • Shows daily allocated hour per staff member
  • Select and view for day/week/month/year
  • Can be exported to PDF/emailed/Excel
  • Accounts for the total time spent

Staff Performance Report

  • Billable vs. Non-Billable hours
  • Time Tracked vs. Time allocated
  • Total Time tracked vs. Days logged in PWF

View the summary of Staff Performance

  • Weekly/Monthly Graphic summary of individual’s Projects, Tasks, Total Time Tracked, and the values for Quotes/ Invoices created/accepted/paid
  • Overdue items show in red and easily see which tasks need more staff or Time Allocated
  • Time Summary can be filtered by staff member, be grouped by Projects
  • Hourly rate for Staff and Task in Quotes/Invoices settings

Powerful easy reporting keeps you in control!ProWorkflow has many built in reports to get you started and a comprehensive custom reports builder for when you need more specific information.The pre-made reports provide you detailed information on workload, performance, resources, individual projects, general projects, tasks, time, invoices and quotes. These reports can be restricted to certain users within your organisation.In addition, there are Custom Reports. These allow you to select the info you want to report on and design the report.All reports can be exported into XML, CSV and PDF formats and opened in Excel.

Key Features

  • Resource reports on staff and time
  • Workload breakdown reports
  • Time based reports
  • Individual project reports
  • General project reports
  • Task reports
  • People reports
  • Exporting options (XML, CSV, PDF)
  • Email reports
  • Custom report designer

Whether they’re across the hall or across the world, now it’s easy to keep your team working together with team hub in activeCollab. Improve and streamline your internal communicationby delegating tasks, sharing files, discussing important topics, and much more.

Bring your clients on board

Now you don’t have to keep your clients on the sidelines. By controlling permissions,you can determine exactly what each user can see and access, so you can include them,keep them informed, and share what's important.

Promote the exchange of thoughts and ideas

Convenient email and in-line notification integration allow team members and clientsto discuss project details, progress, and ideas without having to worry about lost communication.activeCollab makes collaboration with remote teams easy!

Keep project costs under control with time and expense reports With activeCollab, it’s easy to track time and funds. Just set your project budget and you’re ready to track how your resources are spent with easy-to-generate invoices, payment reports, and payment summaries.

Manage task time for your team

Keep your team on track by setting time estimates,tracking actual time, and measuring your team’s productivity.Redistributing tasks to balance team workload is simple and quick.

Accurately track task time with our desktop Timer

Whether they’re on a Windows, OS X or Linux platform, our desktop Timer application will help your team accurately record the time it takes to complete their tasks and projects. Times are automatically logged for later report generation.

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