Why exactllyHRMS ?

"Cost Cutting, Diversification, Optimization, Competitive Advantage, Technology, Profit."

Human Resource Management

exactllyHRMS is more than just a payroll package. It is a complete Human Resource management system that empowers decisions and boosts productivity. From recruiting to hiring. exactllyHRMS provides organized tracking and instant access to critical employee data. Employees, administrators and executives all benefit from the improved productivity and informed decision making derived from proper access to HR data.

Payroll Management

The biggest strength of exactllyHRMS is it's flexibility and ease to define any type of salary structure. With user define formulas and settings we guarantee that your requirements will be perfectly implemented! Every month, Generate employee salary on a click of a button. With that single click, the software accurately computes salary for all employees including Statutory Deductions (PF/PT/ESI/TDS), loan deductions, stop payments, revisions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary, Income Tax or any other defined head of pay.

End to End HR and Payroll Management

exactllyHRMS helps you to streamline all aspects of the HR and payroll processing system. It has a user-friendly interface; modules are integrated and can be customized for varying business needs, covering all aspects of payroll requirement across industries.

Leave Management

Streamlining effective employee leave management policy helps you tackle multiple concerns within the organisation. exactllyHRMS allows You to create multiple leave schemes for different employee categories in terms of entitlement, quantum of leaves and other policies.You just need to enter the dates on which an employee has availed leave and the types of leave availed. Based on the rules defined in the masters while setting up exactllyHRMS, reports would be generated.

Unlimited Security

Employees within the organisation can easily access information related to payouts, income tax, leave status, company policies etc. They can apply for Leave online, They can view their payslips, total earnings statements, PF and YTD statements. Details related to loans like installments paid, balance payable, etc. can also be viewed without having to wait for HR revert.Thus you spend less time answering questions and more time pursuing the vision.

Asset Management

Asset management maintains a record of assets issued to employees. Assets could include laptops, pagers, uniforms, cell phones, key cards, etc. Information in the employee asset record includes the asset type, number,serial number and date of issuance to employees along with the warranty and maintenance information.It helps to track the AMC or warranty expiry of each asset.

Flow of Information among Various Departments

The flexible architecture of exactllyHRMS allows various people in the organisation to directly access the data which they need. Naturally, the exactllyHRMS Security System permits authorised persons to have access to only the limited data to which they have been given rights for. This reduces the burden on the HR and Payroll personnel since they do not have to service internal requests any more.

Easy and Powerful Formula Builder

exactllyHRMS has a very useful option of the formula builder which lets you define formulas for any sort of calculation. It is as easy as defining formula in a spread sheet. Additionally, you can also mention any special conditions based on which the calculations are to be done.

Most Powerful and Flexible Report Writer

When you work on exactllyHRMS, you have access to the most flexible Report Writer. This feature dares you to be creative in designing various reports, in whatever format. You can also design multiple designs for a single report plus there is no limitation to the number of reports that can be designed.

Document Management

Manage all your employee documents, letters and scan in a central place. Employees can download company policies, forms, payslips and Form 16 without HR involvment.

Across Countries - A Uniform HRMS Solution

Till now the large corporates and multi-national companies needed to use different HRMS Solutions in different countries to manage the local statutory requirements, making the task of managing HR very difficult. Now, corporates can standardise on just one HRMS solution for all countries - exactllyHRMS. The extremely open architecture of exactllyHRMS allows it to be used in any country, taking care of all statutory and local tax, provident fund and other guidelines and yet implement the common policies of the corporation.

Ideal for Outsourcing Firms

exactllyHRMS is so flexible that firms running Payroll Processing Bureaus would find it an ideal solution for the different client requirements. They can design value added reports apart from the normal ones to generate yet more revenue.

Reminders & Alert

Automatic reminders for event like confirmation, birthdays, passport/Visa/license expiry, and so on. Keep everyone in the loop by sending remiders to every stake holders int he company.

Go Live in 7 Days

We install, implement, train to go live in 7 days. Hasslefree switchover and implementation. Migrate from old system smoothly.

Simple to Learn and Use

Simplicity is at the core. Easy to Learn and Use Even a non account person can easily run. Easy to Deploy and manage.

Client Server Architecture

Designed for Client Server technology,Bulid on Robust RDBMS MS SQL. Access and work seamlessly from Anypart of the globe. No third party Access software required.

Auto Back Up Scheduler

Setup Scheduler for Auto Backup. Define different schedule for Complete Backup and Incremental Backup. Upload, Email Backup Facility.

Post Implementation Support

exactllyHRMS technical support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either by telephone or electronically. Our Helpdesk Support executives are also equipped to log into your computer remotely to give instant online support irrespective of the location you are.

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