Why exactllyCRM?

"It has the POWER to Build Profitable Customer Relationship."

Be organized

Organizing all your information into one system gives you that big picture. exactllyCRM integrates emails and tasks and calendars and so much more in one easily maintained and managed place. Access your information from anywhere in the world and from any internet-accessible device.

Predict your future

Everyone wants to know the future. If only there was a way to know what to expect. exactllyCRM cannot predict the future with 100% accuracy (it's not a crystal ball), but give you a reasonable expectation of the future based on past performances and past events.

High-level configuration capability

With exactllyCRM, configure and customize information for better management with a single, unified interface. Create call flows, agent scripts, reports and modify them as per specific requirements.

Work smarter, not just harder

Finally, exactllyCRM lets your sales and customer support reps work smarter. With better information at their finger tips and best practices codified into your business policies, you can optimize service for your customers and maximize revenue.

Marketing and Sales enablement

Create lists, campaigns, workgroups and track information regarding processes, campaigns,and workforce. Search through information effortlessly, and pull up records within seconds for better service delivery through tight database integration.

Robust management

With exactllyCRM, manage sales force, processes, orders, or opportunities, and track all that meaningful information in an organized manner . Archive the login history of each user for better auditing.

Integrated Multimedia capabilities

Send E-mails to prospects and customers starting with lead generation, through service and post-sales, ensuring highest customer satisfaction levels. Set automatic triggers and alerts for E-mails, events, transactions, and enable E-mail and SMS auto-response.

Get more out of your established customers

By analyzing all customer data points CRM analytics can group customers according to their behavior, allowing you to identify your best customers for special treatment to maximize their lifetime values.

Seeing is Believing